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Triphase Technologies, Ltd. 


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Triphase Technologies, Ltd. Switching Power Supply products
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2.5  2008 
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100  10/29/2009 

Address 9 Railway Parallel Rd. 
City Kumara Park 

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Triphase Technologies, Ltd. editors
Triphase Technologies is a world class supplier of Power Conversion Solutions and Equipment to leading OEM's in the field of IT, Telecommunications, Networking and Medical Electronics. Triphase offers innovative, specialized and customized solutions with quick turn-around. RoHS Compliant products are offered as per customer requirement. We are ISO 9001:2000 certified since 2004. Triphase Technologies was founded in the year 1994 to cater to the need for customized solutions for OEM's. Since then Triphase has grown to be a respected manufacturer of Innovative Power Solutions for OEM's world wide. The Triphase Design Team has more then 50 Man Years of Experience in the design and engineering of Power Solutions. Triphase Technologies is located in Bangalore, INDIA. Bangalore is considered to be the Silicon Valley of India where most of the Hi-Tech & Electronics Design and Manufacturing Industriesare located 
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